2004. Housing estate
Russia, Yekaterinburg
The architect: Pushkov V. JU

2007. Administrative centre
Russia, St.-Petersburg
Architecture: Workshop of Mamoshin


Korzilius in collaboration with DIAT, the construction and design company, is delighted to present a brand new product – DIATERRA System for facades. This new system combines Clinker tiles from Korzilius and construction from DIAT.

Korzilius, thanks to its history in the finest tradition of German ceramic manufacturing and its commitment to investment in the most modern technological solutions, is renowned for its products in Germany and other European markets. Korzilius is widely recognized for its impressive range of formats & colours and, not least, its indisputable quality.

DIAT System was invented in 1999 through cooperation with designers from Sukhoi KB Holding (renowned for SU airplane projects) and MIG corporation (Project Office for Mikoyan and Gurevich). Within the last 10 years more than 3 million square metres of the DIAT System have been utilized.

Advantages of the new DIATERRA System:

1. Socially and environmentally friendly. Facades designed to harmonize with both modern and classical architectural styles.
2. Stainless steel construction ensures safe exploitation and long-life. The new fully registered and certified DIATERRA System creates safe and durable building façades guaranteed for 50 years regardless of climatic conditions. Resistant to extreme weather conditions – high & low temperatures, earthquake, hurricane-force winds, excessive rainfall.
3. Construction of DIATERRA System is permissible in seismic activity areas of up to 9 on the Richter scale and on buildings up to 150 meters high.
4. Easy to install. Patented construction solutions allow creativity beyond standard architectural design.
5. Reduces heating consumption by up to 30%.
6. Highest quality components manufactured with German precision.
7. Ecologically designed. All elements are fully recyclable.

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